<My feel is that 90 days is long enough>

Long enough for what record type?  The key to e-mail retention is the
content of the email.  Granted a large percentage of email may not be a
"record" but if the content constitutes a record, the email takes on the
retention assigned to that record type.  Other than junk and transitory
messages (i.e. spaghetti luncheon on Wednesday, parking lot will be
paved on Friday, etc.) most email is correspondence (although some may
take on the characteristics of another record type) and should be
retained as such.  Printing to paper is one way of retaining the email
in accordance with established retention.  Another is using an
electronic document management system that also manages emails.

As for limiting the retention buckets to 2 or 3 - that just defeats the
purpose of a retention schedule.

Ginny Jones
(Virginia A. Jones, CRM, FAI)
Records Manager
Information Technology Division
Newport News Dept. of Public Utilities
Newport News, VA
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