Hello everyone and Happy Thursday, 

My manager and I are working on developing an e-discovery policy and procedure for our company and have found that, in this instance, IT, Legal and RIM do not have a clear understanding of what each other can bring to the table during the e-discovery process. 

To help our Legal and IT depts. I have been asked to find out from the list if any of you have used the Ingersoll, ESI Technologies Fundamentals series? I have the usual questions. Did you like the product? Did your attorneys develop a greater understanding of the capabilities of IT? Do you think IT and Legal can discuss issues more productively having seen the series? And anything else you would like to add.

Also, do you know of any other educational series that would be helpful?

Please feel free to contact me off list if you prefer.

Thanks for any and all responses,

Connie Hume
Senior Records Analyst
Legal Dept.
Midwest ISO
P.O. Box 4202
Carmel, IN  46082-4202
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