Brad Furlow wrote:
> I would LOVE to hear how you approached "the powers that be" about
matter, as I am sure I will have to go in with case-study in hand.

There are really a number of issues/stakeholders involved here: email
storage and maintenance (an IT/cost issue), access (a management/legal
issue), litigation (a legal/risk issue), and behavior (a management/HR
issue) - I'm sure there are even more! The most important role records
management can play in this is as a facilitator. Only records management
offers the conceptual framework to address these issues in concert. We
know more about the legal requirements than IT does; we know more about
the technical constraints than legal does; we offer the tactical records
keeping approaches that balance these values effectively to meet the
needs of storage, access, risk, cost, and behavior. Competitively
focusing on any one of these at the exclusion of the other values is
costly and ineffective. RIM rules!

I don't think the 90 day rule here is the issue so much as the context
within which it is being implemented. Given the proper context -
training in particular - it shouldn't be a problem in many
circumstances. I agree with Larry that this is a problem that can be
solved absent an investment in email management solutions, if that is
what your particular situation allows. We should be the facilitators,
playing a strategic role, not necessarily pushing tactical solutions. We
should focus on identifying and balancing stakeholder interests,
clarifying roles and responsibilities, identifying performance metrics,
then applying the appropriate tactical solutions.

RIM - the profession that rules through our deep understanding of the
universe summed up in these two immortal words: it depends.....

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