Fred said: "What, you think EVERYONE has a broadband connection? Not so, and a number of listserv subscribers are connecting from locations where a broadband connection is either not available or not affordable.
 I think it would be a loss and a shame to exclude those subscribers."

Oh, now, I was merely pointing out that there are some really useful technologies available that would probably *enhance* the listserv experience - not replace it.  

As for folks with limited bandwidth, I really do feel for them, but honestly, there will quickly be less and less that can be done effectively with a dial-up connection, but not due to any malicious exclusionary intent.  Change happens.

To not make changes (to anything) that adds value for most because it will potentially inconvenience a few, I think, is unfortunate.  An example is the switch to digital tv signal - same thing.  There comes a time when change is necessary in order to ensure the best value is provided for the largest sector.

Another example from my experience: I am rolling out BPM for our conflicts/business intake process at my firm.  I have already gotten push back from some attorneys that say they don't want to use online forms - they want the paper - however the firm has decided the inconvenience to those who want paper forms will be dramatically overshadowed by the tremendous benefits the rest of the firm will experience.  Is that the wrong decision?  I don't think so.

I would hate for anyone to not be able to participate in this listserv - the breadth of experience and perspective is what makes it so great.  That being said, I would also hate for the bulk of the subscribers to miss out on the ability to extend the usefulness of the list for fear that not everyone will be able to leverage all of the features.

Have a super weekend!

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