Dear Fellow Learning Assistance Professionals and Colleagues: 

This is the first Call for Proposals for the 2009 National College Learning Center Association (NCLCA) Conference to be held October 1 - October 2, 2009 in Golden, CO at the Denver Marriott West hotel. 

The NCLCA Board of Directors and conference planning committee is excited to announce this year’s theme… 

Mountaintop Experiences in Learning Assistance: 

What Are They and How Do We Reach Them? 

This year’s theme reflects the challenges we may facing in our work and how we are overcoming these challenges to help our students achieve their academic goals. 

If you have an experience from your institution in one of the following areas, submit a proposal and share your experiences with your colleagues at the conference so we can sing from the mountaintops around Denver. 

The areas include: 

Ÿ Tutor Training and Evaluation 

Ÿ Supplemental Instruction Programs 

Ÿ Programming for Special Student Populations 

(e.g., conditional students, athletes, first-year students, etc.) 

Ÿ Learning Center Programming 

(e.g., tutoring, workshops, etc.) 

Ÿ Learning Center Management 

(e.g., evaluation/assessment, employee training/development, marketing, etc) 

Our conference website is currently being updated. So, while you can’t submit your proposal today, you can use this time to develop your proposal and have it ready to post once our site is ready go. I have attached a sample proposal for you to follow as a guide. 

The deadline to submit your proposal is Monday, May 4 . 

If you have questions about developing and/or submitting a proposal, please contact me. 

We look forward to seeing you all in Golden! 

Travis Ramage (NCLCA Professional Development Officer) 
Academic Advisor / STAR Program Coordinator 
Aurora University 
347 Gladstone Avenue 
Aurora, IL 60506 
PH: 630-844-5141 
FX: 630-844-7813 
AIM: trav7374 
E-mail: [log in to unmask] 

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