There were a couple of dozen folks out at Alligator Lake today  and none of 
them reported (to me) having seen the target bird.  We were out  there for 
hours looking for the birds. Virlyn was kind enough to resend me one  of the 
original photos of the bird.  Even tho the photo is a little blurry,  it still 
gives enough detail of what we should be seeing out there.    We searched from 
the first pool (on the right) all the way to the foot  bridge.  Other folks may 
have searched further.  There are a few  greater yellow legs out there with 
'paleness' at the base of the bill and bright  legs, but we could not turn any 
of them into a ruff.
  We did get Wilson's snipe, solitary sandpiper, pectoral sandpiper,  least 
sandpiper and stilt sandpiper (which tells you we were out there with a  
fine-toothed comb), but no ruff.  There was one glossy glossy ibis.   Hope the 
others have better luck than we had.  Maybe the bird shows up  later in the day.  
We were there from 9:30 till after the noon hour.   We had a Louisiana 
waterthrush, Eastern kingbird and prairie warbler in the  area near the buffalo herd.  
One of our group saw several green-winged and  blue-winged teal and one ruddy 
   Special thanks to Verlyn for all of his help this morning with  details, 
etc on the bird.
Diane Reed
St Augustine FL
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