...stumbled into some enjoyable late afternoon birding at Wakulla Springs State Park yesterday.  36 total bird species with highlights including:


great crested flycatcher

northern parula

red eyed vireo

yellow throated vireo

yellow throated warbler

prothonotary warbler

least bittern

yellow crowned night heron

and a suite of cool herps... Suwannee River Cooters etc.


The park is best birded early in the morning or on weekdays when swimming crowds have dispersed.  Highly recommended is Roger Tory Petersons account of birding Wakulla Springs in his book "Wild America" co-authored with James Fisher.


Last weekend I made a trip to Kissimmee Prairie Preserve S.P.  What an awesome spot!  Enroute I made a 10 minute detour for the Ruff (on 3-20) and birded Alligator Lake for the morning tallying 50+ species.  The Ruff was most cooperative for several hours!  On 3-21 I birded STA-5 recording many of the same species reported by Margaret England including fantastic looks at limpkin and snail kite.  The highlight of the weekend, however, was the opportunity to bird a unique Floridian ecosystem, the dry prairie.  I was fortunate to see:


swallow-tailed kite

northern harrier (male)

wild turkey

eastern meadowlark

white-tailed kite

northern bobwhite

loggerhead shrike

Bachman's sparrow

burrowing owl

barn owl

Florida sandhill crane

Florida grasshopper sparrow (4 singing)

crested caracara

short-tailed hawk



C.K. Borg


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