I thought this student organization would be of interest to some folks on the BEST listserve and could spark interest in the Green Garden Cooperative and plant/idea swapping between the two gardens. 

The UF Ethnoecology Society, which began in the 1980's following a visit by the eminent ethnobotanist Richard Schultes, is seeking expanded student involvement.  During the last years the Society has been active in bringing speakers to campus, organizing journal discussions, organizing field trips, and, most especially, planting and caring for the educational-experimental ethnoecology garden on the UF campus, located near the bat house.  The garden has blossomed in the last years and at last count was home to 100+ economic species, grown in a number of systems from agroforestry to flooded paddies (small ones).  We have an active compost program, using coffee grounds from Starbucks in Library West, extensive trellis systems, a vermiculture box, and small nursery. The garden is home to the weekly (Friday) gatherings for work, socializing, and eating.  We invite you to attend.

The Society and the garden are ripe for more student involvement.  This is important so as to ensure the continuation of the group's mission and gardens.

If you are interested in Ethnobotany, Ethnoecology, Economic Botany, Agroforestry, Permaculture, etc please consider becoming involved.  Opportunities exist in the garden and to broaden the academic endeavors of the Society.

Please feel free to visit any Friday 5pm-dark at the garden.  You can also email [log in to unmask] to join the email list or inquire more about future activities.

The Society of Economic Botany meeting will be held this year in Charleston, S.C. from 5/31-6/4. See the SEB website for more details.  Numerous students from Gainesville will be attending.

The Ethoecology Society
John D

John D. Anderson

Master’s Student

Interdisciplinary Ecology

School of Natural Resources and Environment

University of Florida