This is a great video; thank you Steve for posting it.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the AT&T alternative fuel vehicle ad that
runs before this coal video; AT&T has committed to one cost-feasible climate
solution -- AT&T announced last week that the company will invest $565
million to purchase / convert 8,000 Ford light-duty trucks from gasoline to
be powered by low-carbon compressed natural gas (CNG) and about 7,000 hybrid
cars. The company will also invest in CNG hybrids as they become available. 

This investment was made to support long-term sustainable growth goals that
will drive both productivity and reduce the carbon footprint of each vehicle
by 25 to 30% -- immediately.

The company will construct 35 to 40 new CNG fuel station over their service
territory. There is no need to wait for breakthoughs in advanced technology
vehicles or biofuel production facilities to reduce your vehicle carbon
footprint; compressed natural gas vehicles reduce greenhouse gas emissions
by 25 to 30% at a 30% to 50% lower fuel cost than gasoline and diesel fuel.

Call me if you want to be part of the solution.


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In case you missed this on 60 Minutes last night, here's the 12-minute piece
on coal and carbon capture & storage, a nice piece of journalism. 
Still didn't explain what is at stake in clear terms, however. 

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