Better Yard/Food Waste Recycling Coming to Seattle March 30
Press Release, City of Seattle, Washington. March 16, 2009.

"SEATTLE— Starting March 30, Seattleites will be able to put items like
fish and meat and cheese in their yard/food waste carts. One reason this
is possible is the amazing new technology being employed by Seattle's
composting contractor — Cedar Grove composting. (The other reason is
that Seattle’s yard/food waste pickup is going from twice-monthly to

Cedar Grove Composting processes over 2 million pounds of recoverable
organic material on peak days, sending it through a state-of-the art
composting system that turns it into earth-friendly, all-natural soil

By popular demand, a host of recycling changes are coming to Seattle,
March 30, including:

* All food scraps, including meat, fish, bones, shells and dairy
    products, can go in the food and yard waste cart.
* More food/yard waste cart sizes to choose from, including 13-, 32- and
    96-gallon options.
* Weekly food and yard waste collection for all single-family
    households. Organics were previously collected every other week.

Seattle’s goal is to divert 60 percent of all its generated waste to
recycling or composting by 2012. Currently the city diverts 48.4 percent
of its waste. Food scraps account for one-third, or 45,000 tons, of
residential trash each year. Last year, more than 100,000 Seattle
households helped divert 80,000 tons of food and yard waste from the
landfill, turning into compost for local parks and gardens."

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