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  April 9, 2009

A Note From the Editor

At Yale Environment 360 this week, journalist Christina Larson explores why China’s highly touted plans for eco-cities have turned out to be little more than hype and have largely been abandoned. Designed by teams of international architects, cities such as Dongtan and Huangbaiyu were supposed to be models of energy efficiency and sustainable living. Instead, they’ve become symbols of bold visions that mostly stayed on the drawing boards — or collapsed from shoddy implementation. One key reason, explains Larson, is that design teams plunged into the projects with little understanding of how Chinese people lived or of local culture or politics. Read Larson’s article here.

Also today, Yale Environment 360 features a report from Bolivia on the rapid melting of Andean glaciers and the profound impact the loss of this vital water source could have on tens of millions of people in South America. The dispatch from reporter Carolyn Kormann highlights an increasingly important issue facing the world as temperatures continue to rise: Developing countries such as Bolivia, which produce few greenhouse gases, will soon be grappling with some of the most disruptive effects of climate change. Read Kormann’s article here.

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