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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Getting Smart!, a quarterly newsletter for members of the Smart Growth Network, is published by the International City/County Management Association.

In This Edition: Renewable Energy

This edition of the Getting Smart e-newsletter presents a series of articles on topics related to energy. With the Obama Administration declaring energy a priority and investing billions of federal dollars in new and existing programs, this editions author's offer some ideas for broader consideration.
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Dardeshiam: Germany's Renewable Energy Town

There are less than 1,000 souls in the town of Dardesheim. But the village and its 80,000 neighbors in the county of Halberstadt in the former East Germany have an expansive spirit. They want to become Germany's renewable energy city. They want to become 100% renewable using solar, wind, and biomass.
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Growing Smarter with Energy Retrofits to Existing Buildings

"Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" is the mantra of environmentalism on many levels, though we hear it most with reference to the recycling programs around the country. All three terms apply, however, in application to planning for Smart Growth for energy efficiency:
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Berkeley FIRST Solar Financing Program

In November of 2006, the people of Berkeley voted to take local but bold action on global warming mandating the community to reduce its entire greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050. From this mandate the City of Berkeley has developed a comprehensive Climate Action Plan and set of policy goals and programs to effectively reduce the community's carbon footprint. is the Berkeley FIRST solar financing program.
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Clean Cities Are Smart Cities

The idea of a "clean city" can bring a number of images to mind: communities with convenient public transportation, walkable downtowns, renewable energy sources, and robust recycling programs. Transportation is a key part of this picture, whether it includes buses retrofitted to produce fewer emissions or automobiles running on clean-burning fuels.
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Ann Arbor's Green Energy Future

From the creation of one of the nation's first local energy plans in 1981 to establishing aggressive "Green Energy Challenge" goals in 2006, the City of Ann Arbor has a nearly 30-year history of taking strong action and leadership on energy and climate issues.
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Upcoming Events

RECLAIMING VACANT PROPERTIES: BUILDING LEADERSHIP TO RESTORING COMMUNITIES. Join the National Vacant Properties Campaign June 1-3 in Louisville, Kentucky for our second national conference, an opportunity to share strategies and lessons for turning vacant properties into community assets. Visit the conference website ( to view the program and register. Register before April 17th and save $100!
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2009 Local Climate Leadership Summit

Join us this May 18-20, in Washington, D.C., as Climate Communities and ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability host this inaugural event focused on: Identifying federal tools and resources, including stimulus funding opportunities, to help local governments launch innovative energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reductions programs.
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National Conference on Corporate Community Investment

New economic realities demand communities rethink their strategies for future growth, development, and competitiveness, and the business community will play a leading role. Innovative strategies are emerging that strengthen communities, foster sustainability, and bolster the bottom line.
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EPA Smart Growth Announcements and Deadlines

The National Award for Smart Growth Achievement recognizes communities that use the principles of smart growth to create better places. This annual competition is open to public- and private-sector entities. Through the National Award for Smart Growth Achievement, EPA seeks to recognize and support public entities (from cities to state governments and the many types of public entities in-between) that promote and achieve smart growth, while at the same time bringing about direct and indirect environmental benefits.
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The Smart Growth Implementation Assistance Program

Many communities want to foster economic growth, protect environmental resources, enhance public health, and plan for development, but may lack the tools, resources, and information to achieve their goals. In response to this demand, EPA developed the Smart Growth Implementation Assistance (SGIA) Program.
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