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Posted on Wednesday, Apr. 29, 2009


Catalyx and Ramona Tribe Start Work on 100% Off-Grid Renewable Energy Eco Tourism Resort

By Catalyx, Inc.; Ramona Tribe


Catalyx, Inc. has been contracted to be the technology provider and will team with the Ramona Band of the Cahuilla Indian Tribe to develop the Tribe's Eco-Tourism resort near Anza, Calif. The first of its kind, the Ramona Band of Cahuilla Mission Native Americans' resort is designed as a 100% off-grid renewable energy project that will employ multiple alternative energy technologies to meet 100% of its energy needs and recycle much of its own waste byproducts, such as sewage, biogas, and restaurant food waste.

The resort, funded jointly by the Ramona Band, the Department of Energy, the US Department of Agriculture and multiple other Federal agencies, is being built in the Anza Valley on the Ramona Indian Reservation in Riverside County, near San Diego, Calif. Upon completion it will offer a peaceful retreat to the public and corporate clients, as well as an educational experience about the Native American culture, habitat, natural remedies, and care of the environment through the use of renewable energy and sustainable green lifestyle practices.

"We want to create a truly natural retreat which mirrors our ancestral heritage of living in harmony with Mother Earth," said John Gomez, Cultural Director for the Ramona Band. "When finished, this resort will not be a burden on the environment. All energy will be renewable and all waste and wastewater will be recycled. This resort will be a model for other tribes to generate revenues for themselves in a more appealing manner that is true to their heritage."