Please share with potentially interested students.  For additional information please contact Scott Huebner [[log in to unmask]]

 The South Florida Water Management District is going ahead with its 2009 summer intern program.  Any qualified students from your program are encouraged to apply.  The application period is fairly short (scheduled to close 4/20/09).  The period of the internship is also fixed from 6/1/2009 to 8/21/09.  I'll be working with an intern in the hydrology/water quality area.  The brief description of this position is:

Using established analysis tools, develop water budgets that
use spatially distributed data, participate in project deliverable
reviews focused on water quality issues, attend WCA-3
DECOMP PDT & sub-team meeting, perform limited analysis
as needed.

Must have an achieved classification as a Senior or higher in
a Civil Engineering degree program at a college or university
accredited by a recognized national or regional accreditation
association. Must have course work relevant to the position
being accepted and no experience is required. The student
must have a 3.0 average or higher and maintain an average
grade of B or above in all major fields of study.

The application for the program is done on-line.  Getting to the application requires that the individual set up a user ID and password.  To get to the application system do the following:

 *   Go to<>
 *   On the left-hand side of the main page, click on the link to Career Opportunities
 *   On the Left-hand side of the Career Opportunities page, click on the link to the Intern Program
 *   Click on the Search and Apply link in the Intern Program page or on the left-hand side of the page
 *   Click on the links in the 2009 Summer Internships paragraph at the bottom of the Search and Apply page to get to the application screen or find out more about all of the internship opportunities

Please remind the students you contact about this opportunity that the application system for internships is due to close 4/20/09.

Thanks for your help in finding quality candidates for this year's program.