Though the numbers haven't been real high, except for Prairie Warblers
and Gray Catbirds, we have been getting a fair variety. Here are
highlights of the last 3 days from me and others:

Today, 4/9:
Yellow-billed Cuckoo (at "the mound" near maintenance yard)
Red-headed Woodpecker (mound)
Swainson's Warbler (to the west of "the tunnel" through the Brazilian
Peppers on the south side of "the field" just west of the toll booth)

Brian Hope reported a Thick-billed Vireo near the Bird Viewing area (it
would be nice if they filled the feeders)
I believe he also saw a Black-wiskered Vireo but am not sure.

Beth Ensor saw a Summer Tanager (f) and Indigo Bunting at the Bird
Viewing area about 8 AM
She also saw an Eastern Kingbird (Chadda & I saw 4 at a picnic last
evening around 6:30 at Red Reef Park just south of Spanish River Park.)

  Also we have returning nesting birds from last year - about 6
Yellow-crowned Night Heron nests in the Australian Pine between the
volleyball court and pavilion 4, and a Coopers Hawk just north of
pavilion 10.

John & Chadda Shelly
Boca Raton (S Palm Beach Co)
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