This message includes a list of birds I saw today at Harnes Marsh in  
Lehigh Acres and also directions to the marsh (below) for assistance  
to those looking for a current location for snail kites, among other  

Arrived at 8:00 am. Headed south first  (main marsh on my right) and  
by 8:20 saw my first snail kites at the intersection of the two  
canals.  More kites were seen on a walk west of the main marsh (behind  
the marsh, from the perspective of the parking area) and continuing  
along the grassy area between the woods and the marsh, eventually  
headed generally west.

Birds seen:

Wild turkey
Great blue heron
Snowy egret
Little blue heron
Tri-colored  heron
Cattle egret
Green heron
White ibis
Wood stork (flyovers)
Black vulture
Turkey vulture
Snail kite
Red-shouldered hawk
Common moorhen
Sandhill crane (two adult and one juvenile)
Pine warbler
Nothern rough-winged swallow
Common grackle
Boat-tailed grackle

Directions: I-75 to Colonial Blvd exit 136 to Lehigh Acres. Merge onto  
CR-884 E toward Lehigh Acres. Take sharp left onto Sunshine Blvd N.  
Turn left onto 31St Street W. Turn right on Ruth Avenue N. Turn left  
onto 38th Street W. Drive to end of road at Harnes Marsh.

Happy Birding to all!

Jeff Bloom
Home state: Virginia

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