Hi all 
  Joan Tasca and I took a hike into Stokes Landing today.  We had  several 
feeding flocks and some nice first of season birds.  Stokes Landing  has 
been a fun field trip for the local Audubon chapter during most times of the  
year.  See  _ 
Highlights of today were:
Ruby-throated hummingbird
Great-crested flycatcher
Eastern bluebird
White-eyed vireo
Yellow-throated vireo
Blue-headed vireo
Red-eyed vireo
Northern parula
Black-throated blue warbler (1 male)
Yellow-throated warbler
Pine warbler
Prairie warbler
Palm warbler (too many)
Black and white warbler
American redstart (1 male)
Worm-eating warbler (4)
Common yellowthroat
Yellow-rumped warbler
Blue grosbeak
Indigo bunting
Swamp sparrow
American bittern
Sedge wrens 
House wren
Swallow-tailed kite
Cooper's hawk

Diane Reed
St Augustine
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