Hey Everyone,

Gary Davis, Ken Hollinga (visiting from Santa Barbara, CA), and I
ventured back out into western and northwestern Duval County.

Cutting to the chase we found two Upland Sandpipers right along side
the road at the old Budweiser Sod Farms along Lem Turner Road (five
miles north of SR295). One was a lovely adult in high breeding plumage
and the other a much paler juvenile looking bird.

We started at dawn near the Brandy Branch Power Plant, which is on
US90 just east of Baldwin. The Jax-Baldwin Rails to Trail goes right
by it allowing good viewing of the old Mecklenburg Dairy fields (sad
that I must always say "old" now). There was a good movement of
Eastern Kingbirds, Blue Grosbeaks, Indigo Buntings, and waxwings.

Ken relocated the Grasshopper Sparrow which was in nearly the same
spot as last Sunday! There were also several Field Sparrows and lots
of chippies. Several singing Blue-headed Vireos were cool. Still lots
of kinglets, and a few migrant warblers.There were only a fraction of
the Ring-billed Gulls seen last week. Black-necked Stilts and both
yellowlegs were present in good numbers.

One of the highlights from this spot were in your face Sedge Wrens
singing their hearts out!

We bumped over to Dillon Road and some black water bottom lands, but
except for the same male Hooded Warbler and one female Black-throated
Blue nothing was happening.

We stopped at the Thomas Creek Sanctuary, at the end of Ethel Road, to
look for more bottom land stuff. There were several Hooded Warblers,
one female Prothonotary, a Worm-eating, and a couple White-throated

The "wetlands" at the old M&M Dairy on New Berlin Road were still
great - 20 Black-necked Stilts, big numbers of both yellowlegs, snipe,
Blue-winged Teal, 8 Solitary Sandpipers, and 6 Pectoral Sandpipers.

Roger Clark
Jacksonville, FL

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