Hey Everybirdy,

  Had to head up to Edgewater to pick up Giacomo today and the scenic route
through the Refuge is the only route I know!

  Nice feeding flock of herons and Egrets, with a couple of Wood Storks in
the ditch along SR 402 just east of the Visitor Ctr. entrance. Couple of
Scrub-jays just past the fee booth to Can. Nat'l Seashore.
  Biolab had a few feeding flocks at various points along the lagoon and on
the impoundment side.  Incidentals- Northern Flicker, REd-bellied
Woodpeckers and a couple of Belted Kingfishers.  Cormorants and Ruddy
Turnstones and a smattering of least Sandpipers on the lagoon and a Greater
and Lesser Yellowlegs here and there.  Willets are piling up in spots, only
a handful of Dunlin close by but many out further in the impoundments.  Ran
into more Spoonbills feeding and in flight than I'd seen in quite a while,
guess they're all done being disturbed on their rookery islands.

  On the southbound trek from Edgewater I took Shiloh south to Patillo Creek
Road.  A lot more water inside the dikes than there was last week.  Between
Shiloh 3 Rd and Weather Tower Rd intersect was a fairly large gathering of
shorebirds, the only real "gathering" at all actually.  Mostly Dunlin and
Least Sandpipers but a good amount of Western Pipers in transition plumage
and 2 Stilt Sandpipers not quite in "full dress" yet.

  Lots of white flashing wings on e. Gator Creek Road as I was heading out-
after settling down, counted 42 Willets on a little spit of grass in the
water with one Black-necked Stilt.  (Incidentally there were almost 2 dozen
of them out on Blackpoint yesterday evening).
  UNbelievably, a large flock of Skimmers were trying to rest on Parrish
Park, bouncing back and forth between there and the boat ramp parking lot.
Have no love for those who gun the gas when they see them take flight.

  See you out there!

Tom Dunkerton
Titusville, FL

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