With cool temps and north winds I expected to find several warblers in the Lori Wilson Hammock this morning. Upon arriving about 9:30 am,  I was a tad disappointed to find only a dozen Palm Warblers, half that many Prairie and a Yellow-throated. The bird activity started picking up by mid-morning with many birds moving back into the hammock from the pond area.   Fortunately Audrey and I were there until noon finding the following species:

Black and White-6
Prothonotary-f, bathing at pond with a catbird, splashing a Yellow-throated (making many passes.)
Worm-eating-at least 5
Northern Parula-at least three
Cape May-2 m(1 first spring), bathing in the pond as I was ready to leave
Yellow-throated-maybe 6
Prairie-at least 15
Palm-at least 15
Common Yellowthroat-1 m
Waterthrush-near the House Wren

House Wren
Gray Catbirds-many
White-eyed and Blue-headed Vireos
Painted Buntings-at least 3, (2 f, 1 juv. m)

Phyllis Mansfield,
Cocoa Beach
Every Day a New Adventure

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