Patience and perseverance- the keys at Lori Wilson this morning for a number of birders;  the hammock seemed quiet compared to the last two days,  but eventually 15 species of warblers were spotted.  The most interesting was a Hooded;  I thought at first it must be a juvenile male.  The black on the head was more extensive than is shown in "Peterson Warbler Field Guide" for a female,  but after checking "Warblers of the Americas",  I found that females (can have an extensive hood, but it is always washed greenish)-that was our bird.  The black on the throat was as pictured in "National Geographic"(female) and "Peterson Warblers" (female).  It was in the same tree as the Yellow Warbler.

  Still in the hammock are Prothonotary, Louisiana Waterthrush, Ovenbird, several Worm-eating, Cape May and a very dull Yellow -rumped.  Prairie Warblers still  predominate;  I saw only 1 Am. Redstart and 1 Black-throated Blue.  Several House Wrens were singing for us.

  Phyllis Mansfield,
  Cocoa Beach
  Every Day a New Adventure

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