...hiked a portion of the Torreya Trail from the Youth Camp to Stone Bridge (via Rock Creek) en route to the Challenger loop Trail.  Flowering Florida flame azalea's, Florida anise, and mountain laurels were at or near peak and their sweet fragrance was ever present throughout the understory.  Some nice examples of Florida yew, Torreya (perhaps one of the rarest trees in the world), Ashe's magnolia, and needle palm were also found.  Amidst this lush steephead ravine community reminiscent of the Appalachian Mountains northern parula (A), red-eyed vireo (A), yellow-throated vireo (C), great crested flycatcher (A), summer tanager (A), broad winged hawk (C), hooded warbler (C), yellow billed cuckoo (U), ruby-throated hummingbird (U), and wood thrush (U) were all present while blue-headed vireo (U), hermit thrush (U),  and yellow-rumped warbler (A) lingered into spring.  The round trip hike (including the Challenger Trail) is over seven miles but worth every step.  A Florida experience unlike any other!

CK Borg


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