After 3 days of very poor birding at SRP (Sat. - Mon.) this PM was
terrific (for Boca Raton). 4 of us birded 3:30 - 6 PM and saw 13 species
of warblers (mostly Blackpolls) plus both buntings (f), 2 YB Cuckoo, 2
Piliated WP, a Screech Owl, YC NIght Herons (7 nests), and Coopers Hawk
nesting.  Though there were no unusual warblers they were in large
numbers, particularly in ficus south of the pavilion #2 sign. Another hot
spot was the understory south of "the field" and "the tunnel".

Here are the warbler details:
5 Redstart
8 B&W
lots of Blackpolls
4 BT Blue
3 Cape May
7 Common YT
1 N Parula
2 N Water Thrush
6 Ovenbirds
2 Palm
1 Prairie
7 Worm eating

None of the gross beaks, tanagers,orioles, and thrushes mixed in with the
17 warbler species we saw at Ft DeSoto over the weekend but good for

With the numbers of afternoon birds I've seen today and last Thursday &
Friday I may start sleeping in during migration.

Now on to TX for the Golden-Cheeked Warbler and Black-headed Vireo!

John & Chadda Shelly
Boca Raton
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