In the very back of our lot today, I noticed a cloud of white moth-like
insects flying out of a stump.  After investigating and discovering they
were termites, I sat inside watching the feeding frenzy.  Birds flying
helter-skelter for hours.  They spent more time than usual in the bird bath

Seen were: Great-crested Flycatcher, Gray-cheeked Thrush, 2 Swainson's
Thrush, Wood Thrush, 2 Gray Catbird, 2 Hooded Warbler, Palm Warbler, 3
Red-eyed Vireo, Brown Thrasher, Blue Grosbeak, Hummer, Summer Tanager and
lots of Cuban Anole.

I hope they get them all so I don't end up with termites eating away at my


Judy Fisher, Seminole, Fl
- - -
Respect wildlife.
If a critter stops what it is doing,
chances are you are too close.

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