Hi neighber Bob (really,,just down the street),
To answer your first question, it would seem to me for some reason, weather, 
being worn out and finding plenty of food available, the weather up north,I 
don't know, but it does seem as though the migrants are hanging around 
longer....I'll leave it open for those smarter than I am on migration.
To your last question, when I was in school, I'd wave my hand like crazy 
just to find out that I wasn't correct. Notice that I didn't say wrong, I 
just don't like how that word sounds,lol. My teachers, like your teachers 
I'm sure, always said there are never any dumb questions or answers, and 
thats how we learn.
I think us less learned birders should always give our opinions when 
something interesting TO LEARN, comes across on the listserv.
There's my answer, right or not, it's mine.

Pat Baker
Niceville, FL.
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>A couple of questions for those in the listserv.
> First  on 2/28 I was with a group of birders who spotted a flock of White 
> Pelicans flying overhead.  Since we don't have Whites that over-winter 
> here in the panhandle, they were migrants.  This weekend, I spotted a 
> flock of White Pelicans flying overhead and yesterday a fairly large flock 
> was reported in the area.  Is this rather long migration period usual or 
> am I right in assuming it is not?
> Second, should those of us who are not expert birders offer our opinion of 
> the identity of birds in question or should we wait for the experts to 
> give their pronouncement of the i.d.
> Bob Penhollow
> Niceville
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