Around 10 this morning while searching for Upland
Sandpipers in south Baker County (no luck) I had 
about 150 Laughing Gulls pass low overhead heading
generally west. The specific location was south
of I-10 at Sanderson and is characterized by pine
forests and pastures. The birds were heading in the
right direction for Ocean Pond or Lake city but I
haven't seen any at Ocean Pond for several weeks
and not in those numbers.

Back at home I found a very odd Gray Catbird. The
bird looked pretty normal except for a slightly 
grayer than black cap and a white face. Both sides 
of the face from the cap to the cheeks were white
and there was a white spot at the base of the bill.
There also appears to be a slight eyeline. Given the
eveness of these features on both sides of the face
I believe the bird is a hybrid CatbirdxMockingbird.
I got my camera but was unable to relocate the bird,
even with a Screech Owl tape. 

Migration has been almost non-existent here but better
than the last two springs. I have seen one each of
Black-throated Blue, American Redstart and Worm-eating
Warbler (new county bird). Prairie and Hooded Warblers
are also present but are presumably summer residents.
There have been quite a few
Black-and-whites but never more than two at one location.
Despite lots of rain good locations for shorebirds are
limited due to excessive vegetation. Both Yellowlegs are
present at several locations and I had a Spotted Sandpiper
in a roadside ditch in Bethea State Forest this afternoon.

Until last week I had never had Indigo Bunting in my yard.
Since the first sighting they have increased to a flock of
eight and are readily mixing with the White-throated 
Sparrows and Cardinals at the feeders. At the south end of 
the yard the baby Red-shouldered Hawks have become quite
vocal and persistent in their demands for food.

Bob Richter
Baker County

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