Hi Everybody,

Many thanks to Rich Johansson for finding what is probably the first
Limpkin seen in Duval County for decades and for Laura Johansson for
letting us know about it! Rich found it in an industrial park on the
west side a few days ago. The last Limpkin I saw in northeast Florida
was in Clay County back in 1987! The habitat in the several ponds at
this site look excellent, are stable, and maybe it (they) will stick

A Red Letter Day for sure. I added a second county bird - a Hairy
Woodpecker! I have been searching for this bird in Duval since 1985
and had given up. A few came close in the Cary State Forest, but no
cigar. Gary Davis, Kevin Dailey and I were birding the Immeson
Commerce Center properties, and on this slopey, field scattered with
Mulberry sized trees, when this bird flew in. I was able to get on it
and was shocked to see a Hairy. It obligingly called and then
literally loped off across a half mile of fields and to a distant

The migration has all but stopped over here in Duval, at least from
our perspective today. Kevin did find a Rose-breasted Grosbeak at the
Limpkin site, but besides from a few butts and Palm Warblers not much
else. At times it was more like doing a Christmas Count, but lots of
the breeding stuff is finally piling in and I guess this week's
southwest winds will open things up.

I noted Bob Richter's note about the gulls. For the last few weeks
Laughing Gulls (increasing to a few hundred birds this morning) and
Ring-billed Gulls (decreasing from 3,000+ to under 100 today) have
been arriving in the farm fields in western Duval County around 0800.

I did have an immature Broad-winged Hawk in the yard tonight here on
Fort George Island. This my 6th one this spring. Several more Merlins
this week brought my count to 193, easily my highest count.

Roger Clark
Jacksonville, FL

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