There were few birds and several birders at Lori Wilson park on MONDAY.  I was surprised to see my total was 10 species of warblers, including BLACKPOLL, YELLOW(in ficus tree) CAPE MAY, WORM-EATING,  HOODED(chipping both morning and evening)  plus White- eyed Vireo and 4 House Wrens.

The weather report said 90% chance of rain on Monday at 11 PM in Cocoa Beach.  Unfortunately It didn't happen but a few new birds arrived and probably many that we've been seeing still there:  on TUESDAY 12 species including:

Black and White
Northern Parula, several
Yellow Warbler,  moving from ficus to bay tree over pond and where else?
Cape May,  several in the park
Black-throated Blue. m
Blackpoll-m, in ficus and above pond
Prairie-a few
Ovenbird-3 or 4
Northern Waterthrush-(Kenn) at pond
Common Yellowthroat-one singing high on west side hammock, plus f
Hooded-m, Kenn saw up on railing of boardwalk
American Redstart, f
Chuck-wills-widow (spotted by Bob-my favorite of the day!)
Red-eyed Vireo-2
House Wren
Yellow-billed Cuckoo
Gray Catbirds enjoy the pond

Phyllis Mansfield,
Cocoa Beach,
Every Day a New Adventure

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