Hi all,

    The fallout failed to materialize as the squall line south of the LA coast around 7 a.m. dissipated and never made it in to AL-NW FL waters. Winds remained SE 5 - 10 mph all day. There was a "trickle out" however. Lucy, Betsy Tetlow and I found 36 Neotropical landbird species, including 14 species of warblers. Around 2 p.m. a mixed flock of warblers and vireos came in and moved swiftly about before finally settling down, obviously not tired. Best were Blackburnian, Blackpoll and Chestnut-sided. 
Other noteworthy birds were two Frigatebirds spotted by Joanie and John Dixon. It was a good day in spite of the non-fallout.

Bob Duncan
Gulf Breeze, in the w. Panhandle

PS.  Ratio of skeeters to birds was > 25,000:1. 

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