I guess I might as well throw in my 2-cent's worth re. Laughing Gulls.  For the past two weeks many have been appearing over my house in early evening.  They are always moving east to west.  This location is about 15 miles inland from the Atlantic, and about 1 mile east of the St. Johns River, in south Jax.  During the daytime there are many Laughing Gulls on and around the rooftop of Lowe's, at the intersection of US 1 and Baymeadows Rd, or about 1/2 mile east of me.  Anyway, there are c. 100 of these guys (last night I counted 118 between 7:30-8:00).  The thing I find most interesting about this is that this has never happened before!  In past years I would frequently see a handful, but never anything like this.

Not much to report on migration.  A warbler here, one there, etc.  Have yet to see a redstart!  The catbird who has been wintering in my yard is still here, although due to leave any day, having never uttered a sound since it began feeding on Oct. 30.  Odd.  BTW, this is now the 5th year in a row that a catbird has wintered in my yard.  This also used to never happen.

Perfect conditions overnight and early morning for a fallout of sorts, but I don't see (or hear) it.  Guess not much is moving.

Julie Cocke

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