Some nice birds were found while biking the levees of SMNWR this past Saturday 4/19 including:  Bobolink (trail 122 near SBP2), Eastern Meadowlark (trail 122 near MP3), Purple Gallinule, Least Bittern (several locations), singing sora (trail 122 near Picnic Pond), a huge gator partially obstructing the trail (trail 114), a sizable cottonmouth that recently shed it's skin (trail 105),  numerous blue flag iris and atamasco rain lilies, the most abundant butterflies were monarchs and palamedes swallowtails.
SGI yesterday was quite good as John Murphy and I strung together a nice list of over 70 species... no major fallouts but highlights were:

10 warblers including:  black and white, blue winged, prairie, cape may, common yellowthroat, worm eating, palm, northern waterthrush, ovenbird, and northern parula.
two grosbeaks:  blue and rose breasted; PLUS a most cooperative Dickcissel found by Apalachee Audubons members.  John and I also found a probably second Dickcissel working the dunes gulfside not far from the campgound.
two buntings:  indigo and painted
two tanagers:  summer and scarlet
two nightjars:  a sleeping chuck wills widow, and a calling common nighthawk
one cuckoo:  yellow billed
four vireo:  white eyed, blue headed, red eyed, and yellow throated
two thrushes:  gray cheecked and wood
two tyrrant flycatchers:  eastern kingbird, great crested flycatcher
other tidbits included:
northern gannet (x9)
a lingering common loon (still in basic plummage)
common ground doves courting and mating (a highlight for me... FOTS!)
and a slew of expected waders, shorebirds, gulls and terns

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