Here is the list of birds seen on yesterday's big day.  David will probably post more details later.  Our major birding sites included Tall Timbers (north of Tallahassee), St. Marks NWR, Bald and Alligator Points, and St. George Island.  Overall we did well on waterfowl (12 native species), shorebirds (27 species), and warblers (20) species, and we found very few hawks, kites, and falcons (6 species).

1.  Canada Goose
2.  Muscovy Duck
3.  Wood Duck
4.  Gadwall
5.  Mallard
6.  Blue-winged Teal
7.  Northern Shoveler- Church's Chicken
8.  Redhead
9.  Greater Scaup- Alligator Point
10. Lesser Scaup- St. Marks NWR
11. Surf Scoter- Alligator Point
12. White-winged Scoter- Alligator Point
13. Black Scoter- Alligator Point
14. Bufflehead- St. Marks NWR
15. Red-breasted Merganser
16. Wild Turkey
17. Northern Bobwhite
18. Common Loon
19. Pied-billed Grebe
20. Northern Gannet
21. American White Pelican- St. Marks NWR
22. Brown Pelican
23. Double-crested Cormorant
24. Anhinga
25. Least Bittern
26. Great Blue Heron
27. Great Egret
28. Snowy Egret
29. Little Blue Heron
30. Tricolored Heron
31. Cattle Egret
32. Green Heron
33. Black-crowned Night-Heron
34. Yellow-crowned Night-Heron
35. White Ibis
36. Glossy Ibis
37. Wood Stork
38. Black Vulture
39. Turkey Vulture
40. Osprey
41. Swallow-tailed Kite
42. Bald Eagle
43. Cooper's Hawk
44. Red-shouldered Hawk
45. Red-tailed Hawk
46. Clapper Rail
47. King Rail- Tall Timbers and St. Marks NWR
48. Sora
49. Purple Gallinule
50. Common Moorhen
51. American Coot
52. Limpkin
53. Black-bellied Plover
54. Snowy Plover- St. George Island
55. Wilson's Plover
56. Semipalmated Plover
57. Piping Plover- Bald Point
58. Killdeer
59. American Oystercatcher
60. Black-necked Stilt
61. Spotted Sandpiper
62. Solitary Sandpiper
63. Greater Yellowlegs
64. Willet
65. Lesser Yellowlegs
66. Whimbrel
67. Marbled Godwit
68. Ruddy Turnstone
69. Red Knot
70. Sanderling
71. Semipalmated Sandpiper
72. Western Sandpiper
73. Least Sandpiper
74. Dunlin
75. Stilt Sandpiper
76. Short-billed Dowitcher
77. Long-billed Dowitcher
78. Wilson's Snipe
79. Wilson's Phalarope- St. Marks NWR
80. Bonaparte's Gull- Bald Point and Carrabelle Beach
81. Laughing Gull
82. Ring-billed Gull
83. Herring Gull
84. Least Tern
85. Caspian Tern
86. Forster's Tern
87. Royal Tern
88. Sandwich Tern
89. Black Skimmer
90. Rock Pigeon
91. Eurasian Collared-Dove
92. Mourning Dove
93. Common Ground-Dove
94. Yellow-billed Cuckoo
95. Eastern Screech-Owl
96. Great Horned Owl
97. Barred Owl
98. Common Nighthawk
99. Chuck-will's-widow
100.Chimney Swift
101.Ruby-throated Hummingbird
102.Belted Kingfisher
103.Red-headed Woodpecker
104.Red-bellied Woodpecker
105.Downy Woodpecker
106.Red-cockaded Woodpecker
107.Northern Flicker
108.Pileated Woodpecker
109.Eastern Wood-Pewee
110.Acadian Flycatcher
111.Great Crested Flycatcher
112.Eastern Kingbird
113.Gray Kingbird
114.Loggerhead Shrike
115.White-eyed Vireo
116.Yellow-throated Vireo
117.Red-eyed Vireo
118.Blue Jay
119.American Crow
120.Fish Crow
121.Purple Martin
122.Tree Swallow
123.Northern Rough-winged Swallow
124.Barn Swallow
125.Carolina Chickadee
126.Tufted Titmouse
127.White-breasted Nuthatch
128.Brown-headed Nuthatch
129.Carolina Wren
130.House Wren
131.Sedge Wren
132.Marsh Wren
133.Ruby-crowned Kinglet
134.Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
135.Eastern Bluebird
137.Gray Catbird
138.Northern Mockingbird
138.Brown Thrasher
140.European Starling
141.Cedar Waxwing
142.Blue-winged Warbler- St. George Island
143.Northern Parula
144.Yellow Warbler- St. Marks NWR
145.Cape May Warbler
146.Yellow-rumped Warbler
147.Yellow-throated Warbler
148.Pine Warbler
149.Prairie Warbler
150.Palm Warbler
151.Black-and-white Warbler
152.Prothonotary Warbler
153.Worm-eating Warbler
154.Swainson's Warbler- Wakulla Springs State Park
156.Northern Waterthrush
157.Louisiana Waterthrush
158.Kentucky Warbler- Wakulla Springs State Park
159.Common Yellowthroat
160.Hooded Warbler
161.Yellow-breasted Chat
162.Summer Tanager
163.Eastern Towhee
164.Bachman's Sparrow
165.Chipping Sparrow
166.Savannah Sparrow
167.Seaside Sparrow
168.Swamp Sparrow
169.White-throated Sparrow
170.White-crowned Sparrow- St. Marks NWR
171.Northern Cardinal
172.Rose-breasted Grosbeak
173.Blue Grosbeak
174.Indigo Bunting
175.Painted Bunting- St. George Island
176.Dickcissel- St. Marks NWR and St. George Island
177.Bobolink- Bald Point and St. George Island
178.Red-winged Blackbird
179.Common Grackle
180.Boat-tailed Grackle
181.Brown-headed Cowbird
182.Orchard Oriole
183.House Finch
184.Pine Siskin
185.American Goldfinch
186.House Sparrow

Good Birding,
Andy Bankert
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Melbourne Beach, FL 

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