Dear BESTers,

If you are looking to get involved with an environmental 
organization this summer then please read the message below about 
this opportunity.


Yelena Granovskaya
BEST Society President

Are you looking for an environmental internship or are you 
interested in volunteering with an environmental organization this 
summer?  If so, then consider joining the community. is a grassroots initiative that intends to completely 
transform the way environmental programs, activities, and 
information are found on the internet so that the public can 
become more proactive in protecting the environment. is a national 501(c)3 non-profit organization 
and it still has internships available for the summer. Internships 
are unpaid but students can receive course credit if they have 
their own faculty advisor. Students that do not have enough time 
to commit to an internship but would still like to be involved 
with our efforts are welcome to volunteer. For added flexibility, 
all work is done remotely???so you can work from your home, 
campus, or anywhere else???yet you will still have very frequent 
contact with the leadership via conference calls and 
     What makes unique and what are the advantages of 
getting involved? is still a young organization so 
this is an opportunity to join on the ground floor of an 
up-and-coming organization. This means that you can take on 
leadership roles and, if you choose, have responsibilities that 
almost no other internships/volunteer activities can offer???which 
can certainly be useful on a resume. Additionally, 
involves over 60 environmental professionals, experts, and 
undergraduate and graduate students from around the country so 
this is opportunity to begin networking for a future environmental 
     For more information, please visit our website 
( and review the links below. If you 
might be interested in joining, please contact John 
Ullman at (410) 878 - 6485 or [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>, 
to get additional information. Brochure:
Internship/Volunteer Opportunities:

Yelena Granovskaya
Bioenergy and Sustainable Technology Society
University of Florida
Environmental Science
Sustainability Studies Minor
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