Hello BESTers,
     In the following text below are the summaries of Biogas 
articles, now corrected to include their corresponding, partially 
informal, citation information, so they can be alternatively 
accessed, in case the website links are changed or not working. 
The first article I posted on BEST on Wednesday May 20th and the 
second on Wednesday May 27th of this month, respectively.
     Divik Schueller
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     Hello BESTers,
     My name is Divik Schueller. I'm currently enrolled in Dr. 
Wilkie's Bioenergy Summer School, going into my fifth year as a 
dual degree seeking student in Industrial and Systems Engineering 
and Political Science. I'm also getting a minor in Sustainability. 
My potential research topic is "Industrial Applicability of 
Anaerobic Digestion Based Biogas and Fertilizer Uses In 
Factories". Particularly I am thinking of the Florida citrus 

Dwight Adams. "Letter of the Week: How to make us a greener 
     Gainesville Sun. Sunday May 3, 2009.

     The article below describes a potential way to make 
Gainesville greener through the profitable collection of organic 
and food wastes that could be separated to produce biogas and post 
compost soil. This idea is based on a recomendation by the Energy 
Conservation Strategies Commission (ECSC).

     Hello Again BESTers,

Kelly Olsen. "Sweden helps South Korea convert food waste into 
     Associated Press: USA Today. May 21,2009.

     The following article outlines a project to convert food 
waste runnoff into biogas instead of contaminating the surrounding 
ocean water in the South Korean city of Ulsan, home to one million 
people. Partially due to recently more stingent waste disposal 
regulations implemented by the federal and local governments, a 
Swedish company called Scandinavian Biogas is getting paid by an 
Ulsan industrial user to upgrade a water treatment facility so it 
can convert the waste intake into biogas. Scandinavian Biogas is 
hoping to work on similiar projects in other South Korean cities, 
notably Seoul, the capital.

     Divik Schueller
     (352) 281-9037