I hadn't seen a post yet today regarding the plover, so thought I'd let you know that the bird was easily viewed this morning, within 20 yds of the roped off area (same location / mud flat it frequented last week).

On the ocean side, a Leach's Storm-petrel was working the breakers right on the beach. Didn't even need binoculars. I couldn't locate the phalarope today, but did see 4 Reddish Egret - the first ones I've seen at Huguenot in 2009. Also located one Black Tern. 

The park itself was virtually deserted, despite the holiday weekend. I think for the first time, birders outnumbered the beachgoers.

Last evening I scanned the inlet with Bob Richter & Roger Clark from the A1A side. We observed 2 birders trudging through the restricted area and into the gull colony at Huguenot. Just because they aren't as strict on patrolling the area in the evenings doesn't mean it's acceptable to walk in there. Please bird the area ethically and responsibly.

Kevin Dailey


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