Members: With no reported sightings of the Greater Sand-plover yesterday and none forthcoming today, it appears that Lenore McCullagh's sighting ca 1100H on the 26th represents the last confirmed observation. If this proves to be the case, the plover's stop-over at HMP lasted just an hour or more over 12 days total. The initial sighting was ca 0930H on the 14th and the last ca 1100H on the 26th. Far short of the multi-month duration of the first GSPL recorded in CA. It may be no accident that most of the region's seasonal shorebird migrants also departed in the last few days. Very few shorebird species in alternate plumage remain in the area. Per yesterday's count, just 60 odd Red knot remained here and most of these were in basic plumage.   

Note: We surveyed Nassau Sound (next inlet north of HMP) this morning and glassed another large wash flat that supports abundant fiddler crabs and Wilson's plovers. We recorded 35 WIPL there this morning but no GSPL. This may suggest that the latter has moved well out of the region and perhaps the state. There are additional wash flats with the same elements (fiddler crabs - WIPL) in the Ft. George River north of HMP and enterprising birders might inspect those local sites for the missing plover. 

Sorry to convey this news for all those planning visits to see the "celebrity plover", 

Doris and Pat Leary, Fernandina Beach

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