Dear Colleagues:

The University of Michigan's Science Learning Center (SLC) is pleased to announce our search for a Student Affairs Program Manager (Job Code 30932).  NOTE: This is a two-year appointment, although there may be the possibility of an appointment extension at the end of two years.

The position responsibilities include managing the SLC's Satellite Location and assisting in the administration of our Peer-Led Study Group Program.  Click the link below to visit the job posting page for the University of Michigan.  Details about the position can be found by searching for the job title or job code listed above.

The position posting will be active until June 9, 2009, by which time we hope to be scheduling interviews with top candidates.

Claire Sandler, Director
University of Michigan
Science Learning Center
1720 Chemistry Building
930 North University
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1055
[log in to unmask] -- 734-763-9399

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