I remember "caught offguard". I was in 11th grade when Sputnik went up.
Among other hard messages was one from the US President."Where are we going
to get our scientists and engineers for the 60s and 70s?" he asked.  This
appeal worked on me, and I became a good scientist and worked on important
scientific problems.  And now what? It is way past time for another
scientific push on energy like that of the late 60's, when NSF, NIH,
NASA.were important granting agencies that got the scientific ball
rolling.for the space age.  Energy solutions are probably more important.

David A. Carlson PhD 1970.

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> Asia Challenges the U.S. for Green-Tech Supremacy
> America was caught off guard in the 1950s when the Soviet Union suddenly
> launched its first Sputnik satellite. It looks like history may repeat
> itself, but this time the arena is more down to earth. In August, the
> leaders of Japan, China and Korea will hold a trilateral summit to discuss
> how they can pool their resources and expertise to develop and commercialize
> emerging green technologies.

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