Hello BESTers!

An article about using biofuels for jet engines was recently published by
Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. This article discusses
the biofuel debate of using different feedstocks for jet fuel, including
jatropha and algae. According to the article, the "U.S. commercial airlines
alone burn 240 million gallons of jet fuel every day, at a cost of roughly
$720 million".  Using a biofuel blend in jet turbines could help offset
greenhouse gases and possibly run more efficiently in turbines. With Florida
being a high traffic aviation zone, the potential use of biofuels in
aviation could help lower costs and lead toward a greener plane trip.

The article is by Yale Environment 360's David Biello titled "For Greening
Aviation, Are Biofuels The Right Stuff?", published on June 11, 2009.  The
article can be found at

Have a great week!

Eric Layton