Actually, if biodiesel has anywhere near the same energy content as petro diesel, then this process has a much higher energy yield than the biogas product of anaerobic digestion on a per kilogram of food waste bases.

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   We've all heard of turning waste vegetable oil into biodiesel, but a Spanish company has actually developed a process that converts any type of organic waste into biodiesel.  Using microorganisms to produce fatty acids, the process is like a sped up version of natural petroleum production.  It's still in its very early stages and the yields aren't great (1-2 liters per kilogram of food waste), but there may be some potential here, especially with the heated food vs. fuel debate of energy crops.  We'll have to keep on eye on this in the future and for any integration of this process with biogas digestion.

"Process to Turn Urban Waste into Biodiesel"
Wednesday June 3, 2009

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