Governors Show Support for Amateur Radio as ARRL Field Day Approaches


Governors across the United States have shown their support for Amateur Radio, with many proclaiming Amateur Radio Week in their states. Coinciding with ARRL Field Day, these proclamations show citizens that these states value the contributions made by radio amateurs.

Nineteen state proclamations range from Ohio declaring June 27 as Amateur Radio Day, to Florida, Delaware, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania pronouncing June as Amateur Radio Month in those states, while other states have designated Amateur Radio Week in their states.
See the Florida Amateur Radio Proclamation here:

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ARRL Field Day in the National Spotlight

Each year, the ARRL's Media and Public Relations Department makes materials available to Public Affairs Officers (PIOs) for use in promoting Field Day events. Most of these are in forms that local groups can easily modify to include their own information, but there is also a national press release that is sent out direct from ARRL HQ over the news wire.

Field Day -- Nationally, over 35,000 radio 'hams' will be active on the air June 27-28. This press release has already been printed in hundreds of newspapers and on Web sites, with more to come over Field Day weekend.

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