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Dear Socnet members- 


The editorial board of the Journal of Social Structure announces (what we
hope to be) the first annual symposium on network visualization.  


Theme: Visualization in the Service of Understanding


The network study of social structure has consistently relied on unique
visualizations to capture the rich, multi-dimensional aspects of social
network structure.  However, there is often an uncomfortable tension between
"flashy eye-candy" that does little to illuminate a social process and
scientific substance.  


For this symposium issue, we challenge network researchers to produce a
single figure and caption that tells a compelling scientific story in a way
that tables or text alone could not.   Given the on-line mission of JoSS, we
encourage the use of tools optimized for on-line presentation, such as
careful use of color, motion, or interactivity (though these are not
required, nor always helpful!). 


Submission details: 

.       The work should be a single figure (movie, interactive image, etc.)
with a caption.  The caption should be limited to approximately 350 words
and a viewer should be able to understand your project from the image and
caption alone.  To be clear; we *do not* want a full scientific article;
just a telling snapshot.  

.       Substantive content is open, but should fit broadly under the
general umbrella of social networks (so pure math, circuit diagrams, etc.
are unlikely to fit unless they can be linked to social processes of
interest to JoSS readership).

.       Include a self-commentary describing the challenges & techniques you
used to create the image.  These descriptions will accompany the published
work (this is in addition to the 350 word caption).

.       Your submission implies you own the copy write to the material.

.       All submission materials will be sent for review, so please remove
any author-identifying information from the work as best you can.  The
reviews will focus on fit (Is the work appropriate for JoSS?), competency
("Does the work reflect solid science?"), and technical merit ("How well
does the work do at its stated goal")?  For the most part, we anticipate a
friendly review process, in the hopes of producing a symposium representing
a wide array of work styles.  The review materials will be used to help
shape the editorial introduction to the symposium.

.       Please design your work for web resolutions.  If you have large
files, it may make sense to check with us before submitting to help move
them in an efficient way!

.       Submission deadline: October 1st.  We will strive to have the review
& publication process completed in time for the Sunbelt meetings, and will
likely produce a poster based on the submitted works.


Please consider submitting your work, if the response to the symposium is
positive, we anticipate making this an annual feature with varying themes
each year.


All the best,

Jim Moody for the JoSS Editorial Team

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