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> Hello Everyone,
> I'm wondering if anyone has come across any literature that deals
> specifically with analyzing the structure of strong components, and
> more importantly, a substantive/methodological justification for
> studying strong components extracted from a larger network.

  The basic result on the structure of network with respect to
  strong components is the theorem from
    Harary F., Norman R.Z., Cartwright D. (1965)
    Structural Models: An Intoroduction to the Theory of Directed Graphs}.
    John Wiley, NY.
  about network condensation (strong components are reduced to vertices)-
  it is acyclic network. In Pajek to get the condensation:
    Operations/Shrink Network/Partition
  This structure is also very important in the analysis of Markov
  chains. In Markov chains an important property of strong component
  is its periodicity. In Pajek you can test it using:
  Additional approches to reveal the internal structure of (not too
  large) strong components are:
  - clustering (Net/Hierarchical Decomposition/Clustering* and
  - blockmodeling (Operations/Blocmodeling*)
  - higher connectivity concepts (they are not supported in Pajek),
    but you can 'approximate' them using
    - cores (Net/Partitions/Core and Net/Vector/Pcore)
    - rings (Net/Count)
  Important vertices inside strong components can be identified using
  different centrality measures.

Vladimir Batagelj, University of Ljubljana, FMF, Department of Mathematics
  Jadranska 19, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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