Hello all, 

We are a small, private institution, and our tutoring center only supports specific courses, mostly introductory(100 and 200 level) courses.  In addition to tutoring all current students, we also work closely with our Disability Services department and provide note taking, and reader/scribe services, and tutoring accommodations.   Our disability services department does not do any tutoring. Our tutoring "accommodation" is most often additional tutoring or 1:1 tutoring, but it is limited to the courses that we support for all students.  

Lately, I've had a handful of students registered with Disability services who have requested tutoring for higher level courses (beyond 200), and I'm trying to decide how to handle this.  Currently, I have tutors who are qualified and capable of tutoring the higher level courses, and I want to help these students, yet I'm not sure if this approach is sustainable or "best" for the center.   

I'm interested if anyone has a similar situation, and how you handle it at your institution. 

Thank you, 



Heather (Sherman) Maynard  
Franklin University 
Student Learning Center 
Academic Support Coordinator 
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