Morning Pam,

The services I provide are different from yours, but I have had some experience in this area. I run the Academic Support Center so most of our time is spent helping students, but we also proctor tests occasionally. This last year we employed 2 graduate assistants, 39 general campus hires, 2 work study students, 2 temporary hires, and 3 Presidential scholarship recipients who were working for their scholarships.

All of our workers attend training at the beginning of each semester on their duties. The training lasts from 4-16 hours, depending on the position the student is filling. As part of the instruction, all of our workers are trained on FERPA and sign a confidentiality agreement. In addition, the lab attendants who are called upon to proctor tests are provided instruction on the procedures for administering the tests.

Several of the student workers are required to attend staff meetings and two of the students, who serve in supervisory positions, are required to conduct meetings. These expectations are explained to the students during the hiring process.

I have been very satisfied with the performance of our student workers. They have accomplished everything we have asked them to do. I also feel that providing them with the opportunity to serve in this capacity enhances their preparation for future employment. I am always pleased when I receive a phone call from a potential employer asking about one of our former workers. I would encourage you to allow students to undertake more responsibilities. As for the faculty, we always ask for faculty references on our applicants. I have received numerous comments from faculty members expressing their gratitude for the opportunities we offer their students.

Martin Golson
Instructional Specialist
Austin Peay State University

(931) 221-6553

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Subject: Work study students, graduate interns and assistants

Good morning,
I am interested in learning of other offices' experiences and use of work study
students, interns, and/or graduate assistants.  In my office, I focus a
majority of my time and energy on testing accommodations (requesting,
obtaining, preparing, administering, proctoring, and returning exams) because
this service is most requested by our students.  Because there are so many
tests administered day to day, it becomes difficult to schedule "quality time"
with the students, hold workshops, study groups, etc.  I am hoping to find a
balance between testing and individual student appointments.

While the ideal would be to add another staff to handle testing, this won't
happen any time soon.  For the first time this past year, my office had a work
study student and this helped some.  I did not have him proctoring exams
because I wanted to avoid upsetting faculty.  I have learned from the listserv
that many offices have work study students act as proctors.  Has this worked
out well?  Do faculty respond well to this?

Another possibility I am considering is having an intern or graduate assistant. 
Has any other office had such an experience?  Does anyone have any kind of job
description for such assistants?

Thanks in advance for any feedback you have to offer.

Pam Fisher, Learning Specialist
Accessibility Services Office
Adirondack Community College
108 Warren Hall
640 Bay Road
Queensbury, NY 12804
(518) 743-2307
Fax: (518) 832-7709

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