In the community college system in the state of California, we have a 
"disciplines list" and the associated academic credentials to teach in 
each discipline.  The qualifications are determined by the state 
academic senate, a body composed of only faculty. The state of 
California recognized the establishment of qualifications for faculty as 
an "academic and professional matter" for which faculty have the primary 
responsibility by ed code.

Learning Assistance has been a recognized discipline in the California 
Community College system for almost 30 years.  Now, members of the state 
senate are suggesting that the discipline of "learning assistance" be 
eliminated, since there is no uniform way to establish qualifications.  
If this happens, then faculty will no longer be associated with 
tutorials, study skills instruction or assessment,  or other forms of 
learning assistance. 

We are asking our colleagues in other states and systems for 
assistance.  Do you have qualifications set for faculty in the learning 
assistance profession?  Is Learning Assistance" an academic discipline?

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