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Wow! Obviously, a lot of you want some ideas for library assignments for Reading students! I have attached the handouts I have used to do this assignment. I am sorry for the myriad of paper, but feel free to pick and choose from the attachments.
First of all, the original assignment was created by my friend Mary Weller, who teaches at Kellogg Community College in Battle Creek, MI. I have adapted it to my needs and actually have used aspects of the assignment in several different classes.
The purpose of the assignment is to help students experience more of Bloom's Taxonomy than the first couple of levels. I use this assignment later on in the semester since I am going for critical thinking and not just main idea/supporting detail. I also love the collaborative nature of this assignment and the fact that the students must use the library webpage to find articles to use.
I begin by teaching the students how to do a summary. Then, I introduce the idea of Interest Articles. The students are in collaborative groups and must choose a series of two or three interest articles for this unit. We have the librarian show the students how to find articles using EBSCO, and then the group decides on a topic to research. They must find an article that is more than one full page. I try to stear them to magazine articles instead of journal articles. They read the article, highlight and annotate it, use the Interest Article Discussion Form to discuss the article in the group, write a summary of the article individually, and finally use the Summary Peer Sheet to critique each other's summary. After they individually revise their summary, they turn it in for my comments and then revise it. Remember to have them submit the article when they submit the summaries.
After they turn in their summary, I teach them how to critically read and analyze a selection. They then go through the same process as above but this time for the critical analysis. I've included the handouts for that assignment as well.
Once they have repeated these steps for one or two other articles, they pick one article to orally present to the class. They can do a Powerpoint, poster session...basically whatever you want them to do. One group presented on ice fishing and brought in all of the tools they used. This brought their Powerpoint to life for the class.
I find that teaching summary writing and critical analysis helps these students immensely as they go on to credit-bearing classes. In addition, having only five or six articles to read since they are working in groups cuts down on the reading I have to do to grade their papers.
I do want to suggest to start the unit by taking an article that the entire class reads. Then, work with them to create a group summary and critical analysis. This improves the learning curve as they write their individual papers.
If you have any questions, please respond to me off the listserv. Otherwise, it gets pretty tedious for the other listservers who are not interested in this subject. Thanks!
Patricia Eney
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From: Open Forum for Learning Assistance Professionals on behalf of Ann Roselle
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Subject: Library Assignments for Developmental Reading Students

Hello.  I am a librarian at Phoenix College, and I am looking for assignments that librarians have used with developmental reading students.  A library-related assignment for developmental reading students might focus on one or more of these areas:

   * Critical reading
   * Developing vocabulary
   * Dictionary skills
   * Distinguishing between facts and opinions
   * Exploring main ideas or central points of a reading
   * Interpreting graphics
   * Note taking skills
   * Reading skills, such as skimming and scanning

If you have an assignment that has worked well with your students and are willing to share it, I would greatly appreciate it!  I am in the process of designing some new assignments within our Reading Department.  And, of course, you will be credited for your work.  I can be reached at [log in to unmask]  Thank you very much!


Ann Roselle

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