<<But are our solutions any more practical?

I think one really has to look at the strategies behind solving the problem a little bit deeper to find the more startling trend in the RIM or the pseudo-RIM world today.  It seems more and more companies are moving personnel into key RIM position (as figureheads as it were) without solid backgrounds in records management and letting IT make all the decisions because they can, eliminating records management job function all together, or simply not inviting us to the table (which is the more traditional route).  Therefore IT is again ruling the roost.  This is a perfect example of where the previous topic of innovation comes in.  We as RIM professionals really have had to push hard over the last  few years to learn to talk the IT talk but hold steadfast to our RIM backgrounds and push our way into the conversations, the meetings, and the planning stages of everything and do what is right not what sounds tech savvy. Practicality as it where may at times come at a cost, and that cost may not necessarily be monetary but it may be in effort and time, something IT usually wants to spend little of. Now a days so many are quick to jump on the band wagon and spit out catch phrases and buzz words but talk is cheap and in the end storage space is not regardless if we are talking in the virtual or physical word.

Juts my two cents.  Happy Forth.

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