><Chuckle> So folks, let's be sure to double check the address line before we
>hit SEND, o.k.?

>Can you or someone at the CRC give April Madrid a call regarding this?

Okay, yeah.... I had the same hee hee thought about this when I saw it
originally, but after thinking about it, this may serve as a decent abject
lesson for many of us.

It's important to check the address before hitting "send" =)

It's important to ensure when employees depart, records are transferred to
others to protect organizational assets AND to ensure continuity of operations

It's important to follow up on this and make sure the right people are
involved in the process and that someone REALLY HAS done this

If it's in your POLICY, it should be COMPLIED with so it doesn't become a
sore spot in the event of an audit of policy compliance.

Happy Early Friday to everyone (at least in the US)

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PS for those of you who live in tinder dry areas (like me) or others whose
local jurisdictions either outlawed fireworks or can't afford to have a
display this year, I offer the following:

(Share this one with your young'uns!)

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