My organization is moving towards a new employee classification and compensation structure.  This new system classifies positions (job titles) according to competencies (knowledge, skills and abilities) and is typically known as "career banding".  By definition, a Career Band should include jobs that share similar knowledge, skills and abilities - as well as provide a logical progression for advancement based on higher level competencies and job responsibilities.

I would like to get any insight that other RIM professionals may have on a few issues regarding the classification of my position within this new system.  First, my current title is Records Management Analyst and I report to the Office of Institutional Compliance.  I am responsible for the overall administration of the Institutional Records Management Program for our University  System as well as two of our campuses.  Each unit within the organization has a designated Departmental Records Management Representative (RMR) to specifically manage records for their areas - but I provide guidance, oversight and training for each of the RMRs.  This being said, I am the only person in an institution-wide position (Records Management Analyst).

As part of our classification study, the institutional Records Management Analyst position (my position) has been placed into a career band named "Human Resource Representative" along with positions that operate within our Human Resources Department.

This being said, I have a few questions for those who have time.  Even if you cannot speak directly to a "career band" classification structure, it will be helpful for me to know what is the name of your job title/position.

1)      What is the name of your job title/position?

2)      How are records and information management positions classified within your organization?

3)      Does your organization have a classification and compensation system that focuses on career bands?

a.       If you answered yes to number 3, how are your records and information management positions classified?

I sincerely appreciate any insight that others might be able to provide.  You may respond to the list or contact me off the list at [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>.   I am also pulling information from the Department of Labor and various resources at ARMA.

Again, thank you.

Chris Foster

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